Instant protection from Mosquitoes, Dengue, Chikungunya & Malaria
We know your current mosquito repellent has failed to protect you.
Now Try HICARE 360 as it stops mosquito breeding and kills them 24x7.
It’s hassle free and safe for children, pregnant women, pets and people with allergy too.
You get instant results so book now.


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A Guaranteed 3 Step Service that instantly beats your Vaporizers, Coils & Creams!

Because we understand your coils, vaporizers can never be a good solution on how to get rid of mosquitoes.
Now put an end to the worry of how to kill and get rid of mosquitoes at home and stop their diseases with one of the best way to get rid of mosquitoes that is the revolutionary HICARE 360 annual service that covers every corner of your home.
HICARE 360 Blocks all breeding places
Our technicians highly trained in mosquito control measures will inspect your home to identify all mosquito larvae breeding sites and sprinkle granules to block breeding.
HICARE 360 protects your entire home
A unique spray for walls, curtains, dark corners and other mosquito resting places ensures that mosquitoes are killed on contact instantly. This mosquito pest control solution is odorless and colorless.
HICARE 360 Kill Machine in every room
Every room gets a Kill Machine – a mosquito repellent turbo vaporizer that prevents the entry of new mosquitoes and kills those buzzing around answering all your worries on how to get rid of mosquitoes at home. Its unique inbuilt fan spreads the vaporizer liquid 5X to reach every nook and corner of the house making the Kill Machine a best way to kill mosquitoes.

Things You should read to change your mind

For an annual service you get 3 services at an interval of 4 months. You will also receive a set of Kill Machine vaporizer units for every room with refill bottles for the entire year. If you have a 2 BHK home you will get 3 sets of Kill Machine vaporizer units plus 18 Kill Machine refill bottles.
For a single service you will get set of Kill Machine vaporizer units for every room. So If you have a 2 BHK home you will get 3 sets of Kill Machine vaporizer units plus 3 Kill Machine refill bottles.

Time of service delivery will depend on the size of your house. For a 2/3 BHK it takes about an hour, for bigger homes it will accordingly take more time.

The most innovative and one of a kind vaporizer in India -

  • Turbo Fan Action - 360 degree Preventive Shield for complete prevention
  • 5 Times Effective - Rapid Aero Action for faster dispersion of active
  • Dual Power - Superior active for supreme efficacy

Speak to our experts on 39889988 and our technician will visit your place to resolve the problem.

We use Bayer products, which is a global expert in creating latest technology for pest management.
All chemicals are odourless, colourless and completely safe for children, pets and people with allergy.

Starting at Rs 360 per month on easy EMI this service protects you day and night which your current vaporizers and coils cannot.

Change your old habits and try this service. Hicare 360 3 way action works instantly because it blocks mosquitoes from breeding, protects you from mosquitoes hiding in resting places and kills those buzzing around.



HICARE 360 – Mosquito Control Service

HICARE introduces India's First Anti Mosquito Service – HICARE 360. A 3-Way BPK Mosquito Prevention Service that blocks, protects and kills mosquitoes from all hidden corners of your home.
This mosquito repellent solution attacks Dengue mosquitoes and Malaria mosquitoes and is extremely safe for children, pregnant women, pets and people with allergy and Blocks mosquitoes from all breeding places, Protects your entire home and safeguards every room of your house with a Kill Machine.
HICARE 360 BPK Treatment is the best mosquito control solution you can gift yourself to completely get rid of mosquitoes and #DefeatDengue #DefeatMalaria
About Hicare:
Hicare pest control management service Est. since 2004 is a leading pest service provider in Mosquito, Cockroach, Bed Bug, Wood Borer, Termites Pest control Service. We take pride in the fact that no one knows pests the way we do. With presence in over 30 cities and 65 service centers and 300 over localities across India, Hicare network and expertise is unparalleled.


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